Warzone: High-reward bounties are gone after the Update

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Call of Duty: Warzone places a genuine need for gathering in-game money. In the event that you have it, you can purchase a wide range of things that will surrender you a leg on the opposition, and on the off chance that you don‘t, well, good karma. Probably the most ideal approach to keep the cash streaming is by taking on contracts, which are essentially side missions that give awards for finishing errands. The Scavenger contract, for example, can be earned by basically busting open three flexibly confines grouping, while Bounties expect you to chase and slaughter an arbitrarily focused player—clearly a high-chance, high-reward work.

The most recent Warzone update, discharged yesterday, included another sort of agreement called Most Wanted, which is basically an opposite Bounty: Instead of being sent off to place an arbitrary rival in the ground, you volunteer yourself as a tribute for each other group still in play. Also, for what reason would you do such a stupid thing? Provided that you figure out how to get by for five minutes, the entirety of your fallen colleagues will be redeployed. Restores ordinarily cost $4,500 per teammate, so that’s a potentially very big reward, especially if your entire squad has been wiped out.

Warzone Players were at first eager about the new agreement type, yet that changed when it became exposed that Bounty contracts had been expelled from the game simultaneously. The fix notes make no notice of the change, and keeping in mind that I guess it could be contended that Bounties are still there—they’re simply granted diversely now—the response has not been certain. 

One of the main arguments from players is that while customary Bounties dishearten outdoors by giving Warzone players an impetus to blend it up right on time, Most Wanted has the contrary impact: Players who take them on have no motivation to do anything besides run and stow away.

“The Most Wanted Contract is super situational and you’ll often find many of them left on the map because they’re not that fun,” Redditor Nicky_G8 composed. “The timer on them is too long too and who wants to spend 5 minutes just running away from the action and hiding places?”

A few players are shielding the expulsion of Bounties: Redditor tdvx brought up that there was actually no hazard to getting them, and that they gave a bit of leeway to groups regardless of whether they went uncompleted. 

Warzone: “Knowing the exact location of a player/squad and getting a fat stack of cash for that easy kill, or if you don’t want to take the risk you just know their exact location and can fail the contract at no expense, while surviving the bounty got you a mere $700 was stupid,” they wrote. “It just wasn’t very balanced. I’ve killed more bounties than I’ve been killed but it was never a fair system, even before they reduced the payout for surviving.”

Redditor Holmesy5192 included that the Most Wanted agreements are likewise progressively neighborly to new players, as it allows them to bring back their crews in the late game basically by enduring—obviously that approach isn’t all-around famous with the player base either. 

“It’s a change to help the casuals again,” Redditor Fortnitexs composed. “This game is so noob friendly it’s insane. Good players go for bounty contracts to chase kills inWarzone so the camping noobs are getting killed. With this new change they can stay hidden and camp their way to a win.”

Depending upon how the Warzone player base keeps on responding, it’s conceivable that this change could be fixed decently fast: half a month prior, Activision supplanted Warzone’s Trios mode with Quads, and afterward brought back the “winsome threesomes” two days later because players were so unhappy about it. I’ve asked Activision for its take on the situation, and will update if I receive a reply.

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