Fortnite: New Party Royale mode is just for fun, Live now

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Everyone relates to Fortnite as a Battle Royale leader. However the latest update from the game is about a new combat free mode. The game has not officially released and patch notes for the new update or the new mode.

So Fortnite leaves it on the players to explore what the new mode brings with it. The name of the mode is self explanatory i.e. Party mode, It seems like a lobby where in the players party instead of fighting, Sounds interesting right?

Assuming the Lobby as a party hub, it will take place on a comparatively smaller map with a plethora of activities other than the ones Fortnite is known for. The activities will include taking part in mini games and other exclusive challenges.

The Players can also try hit up changing booths to adjust their outfits. If this fails to impress you, you can always walk up to the battle bus and play Fortnite the classic way.

For all these Fortnite Leaks , fans should specially thank the twitter handle by the name ShiinaBR. This account came up with the birds eye view of the new unofficially named papaya map. This is the very map that will be used for the Party Royale.

Additionally, another twitter handle by the name FireMonkey is also one of the ace contributers in sharing Fortnite leaks. The Handle shared a list of things which will be available as a part of the Party Royale and are never seen before.

FireMonkey shared: –

Things you can get in Party Royale:

– Water Balloons
– Quad Crasher
– Paint Launcher
– Boat
– Tomato Grenade
– Paint Grenade
– Burger Grenade
– Fishing Pole
– Crash Pad
– Bow Plunger
– Choppa
– Boogie Bomb

Having a large user base demands some variation. This slight transition from the Standard Gameplay experience provided by Fortnite is a brave move.

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