FORTNITE 12.50 Update Patch Notes- Aim assist and Heavy sniper are nerfed, Bug Fixes, New Mode and More !!

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Fortnite v12.50 is here, and with the update, come various really huge nerfs to well-known things. Epic despite everything isn’t giving out any official fix notes, however, we can gather bounty from what we find in the game with our own two eyes. Here’s a full once-over of everything new and distinctive in the 12.50 update.

Aim assist has been significantly nerfed

Fortnite ‘s controller point help was evidently pulling some compelling flawed stunts—even popular decorations like Ninja and Tfue were angry at how controller clients appeared to have the high ground, landing shots that just shouldn’t be conceivable with two thumbsticks. 

Epic has formally nerfed controller point help, however, so you won’t need to stress very much over cushion players threatening the field. Epic has refreshed Fortnite to make “240hz aim assist act like 60HZ,” which they say will “impact target acquisition.”

Heavy sniper has been nerfed

The heavy sniper rifle has been nerfed as a component of the Fortnite v12.50 update, as per early perceptions. As one of the most remarkable weapons in the game, both for sheer harm yield and its capacity to effectively devastate foe structures, the substantial expert rifleman rifle was regularly a famous thing to snatch on the off chance that you could discover it on the guide.

Epic hasn’t affirmed precisely how they’ve changed the overwhelming marksman rifle, yet apparently it will no longer promptly slaughter a player on the off chance that they’re at full wellbeing and have a full shield. 

Bug Fixes

Another update implies an entirely different slew of bug fixes, and  Fortnite v12.50 is the same as the rest. Here’s a summary of everything Epic says they’ve fixed. 

  • Fixed issues with outline rate and goals drop from 12.41 and moving in the direction of extra fixes. 
  • Fixed an issue with nearby difficulties not showing up when entering a territory. Epic says players will even now have the option to see difficulties on the in-game guide. 
  • Fixed an issue with the “square harm with a Kingsman” thing challenge not following advancement. 
  • Also, a huge number of Save the World and portable adaptation fixes. 

Party Royale: A new mode with no combat?

Epic has reported apparently its most bizarre, greatest new mode yet, which may highlight Epic’s arrangements to utilize Fortnite as a social stage. Given the achievement of the Travis Scott show, it’s nothing unexpected. The new mode is currently live Fortnite Party Royale. 

As indicated by an email conveyed by Epic, “Party Fortnite Royale is a new experimental and evolving space. Leave your weapons and mats behind. We plan to run some tests here this Friday at 9 pm EST. These are subject to change, but feel free to come by and check it out. The party’s just getting started.”

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