Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide: How to Beat Crab Warden Boss, Full detailed Guide

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The Final Fantasy 7 remake has been a head-turner for real. Square Enix has proved its ability to breath life into its old titles. We have seen that the game consists of an increasingly comprehensive battle system.

The game is replete with moments with Shinra’s enormous army, fabulous locations and huge robots. But we have to say that the long-drawn boss fights are something that the game has cracked. They are breathtaking and tiring as you can find it a lot difficult to defeat these bosses. They have special powers and weaknesses which can take some time to identify and this may prove to be frustrating for some players in Final Fantasy 7.

In the piece, I am going to talk about one of these bosses called the Crab Warden. It has been understood that players are finding it hard to defeat this foe and I am here to help our readers.

Bunch of Targets on its body

Final Fantasy 7: Let us start the basics that the Crab Warden has multiple targets on its body. Now, to put it down for good, you need to break each one of its crab legs. I want to give a pro tip that the boss is susceptible to lighting attacks. Hence, make sure that you get lots of Lighting Materia before getting into the brawl. You can also give an Orb to Barret to ensure that he is able to support the melee attacks.

Stay clear of the Train Tracks

Final Fantasy 7: Be mindful of the train tracks, as the Crab Warden will electrify it. Therefore, you have to make sure that none of your folks is standing on those tracks. Hence, whenever you see the boss readying its attacks, get clear of the train tracks to avoid damage.

You have to command your comrades in a way that their attacks are focused on its legs. Timing the attacks with the person who can augment the damage using the Lighting Materia is paramount. It is also easy to attack from the sides and the back as most of its guns are on the front.

At last, when he is about to die, he will pull out two missile launchers. Dodge these attacks and keep giving damage to the launchers while using the Lighting Materia and you will be able to defeat it.

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