Trials of Mana: How good is the Classic Remake, Compared to the Original

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Square Enix has revealed that it is more than competent in releasing our favourite remakes. The Final Fantasy VII remake has just been announced and is due to be released very soon. People have high expectations from the game as it has been a classic in all of gaming history.

But, there is one title by the same developer, which usually gets overshadowed. It is the Mana series. These games have a huge fan following and have been regarded as one of the best RPG titles out there. In 2018, we saw a remake of Secrets of Mana, which was not well-received by all the people.

New Year, a new remake

We are about to see a new remake being dropped on the same series. It is supposed to be a direct sequel of the previous title released in 2018. As it is a remake, there is a complete graphical overhaul. The 3D characters and architecture that has been made from scratch. That is why I mentioned Final Fantasy above. It proves to be a testament to Square’s ability to breath life into our favourite classical games.

This gives another question, do you remember the original Trials of Mana. The original game allowed you to pick one character and two sidekicks for a lengthy journey. Since it was an immersive RPG, it allowed the players to make choices. And the best part is that these choices were important. They had a significant impact on how the game would turn out.

Variety of Choices

Now, the game allows you to choose from a different variety of heroes. Duran is a hard-hitting warrior whose sword means business. Charlotte is a little half-elf (with a seriously awful speech impediment added in the English dub), and the enigmatic Kevin can transform into a monster to rip his enemies to shreds. Angela is an expert in magic and wizardry and can use her spells to defeat her enemies.

The game allows you constantly to strategize and pick out the best option for your group. There is a lot of versatility in the game and is a great effort on part of Square Enix to ensure that the western crowds gets a game which they have not seen in this genre.

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