Elder Scrolls 6: A the new Rumour says that the Game will release in 2024 and will focus a lot on Ship Travel

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Since Bethseda has been silent after revealing Elder Scrolls 6. The rumours and various leaks have been hitting the internet from time to time dropping clues about the details of the game to the layers. The most recent rumour reveals stuff about gameplay features and the release date.

As the leak says Elder Scrolls 6 referred to as Redfall will be held in HIghrock and Hammerfell 6 years after the events of Skyrim. The leak also says that mostly areas will be highly populated and Daggerfall being the biggest city Bethseda ever built. It also says that notes were taken from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. To make up to the dense regions Bethseda has considered utilising next generation hardware to design exceptionally great battles with a huge number of characters fighting at once on the screen in real time.
The source also says about the main story having hundreds of Orcs charging down a mountain to the city called Jehana.

Another snippet of data that the source uncovered states that the arrangements with boats and going by transport. Since players should travel a great deal in The Elder Scrolls VI, they will have the choice to buy a boat for themselves, just as get the capacity to tweak it. To the extent the boats themselves go, they will go from a paddle boat to a major four-sail privateer transport, with players being able to appoint NPCs to that transport. Curiously enough, the vehicle mechanics for that will be worked off of the ones in Starfield. At long last, the source has expressed that the game is wanted to discharge in the final quarter of 2024 with its first DLC set on Stros M’Kai. What’s more, the source has likewise expressed how the DLC will widely depend on the boat repairman.

As much as this data may appear to be charming and energizing, Bethesda presently can’t seem to affirm any of it, which implies one should think about it while taking other factors into consideration. In any case, in the event that the bits of gossip do end up being valid, at that point The Elder Scrolls fans have something to envision later on.

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