Call Of Duty: Warzone- Should console players also have a FOV Slider ??

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As the game has been a major hit after the release showing off the fifty million plus downloads. But some players have observed a difference between the platforms. Field of View (FOV) slider is absent on the consoles giving the PC players a heft advantage of the game.

FOV: it points to the viewing angle and the amount of information displayed on the screen at the moment. The greater it is the more information the player gets which helps to plan and make the gameplay better,

Making up to the top players club is not easy. A player has to be careful at each and every step and battle. Whichever game mode it might be the player’s information about the surroundings is directly affected by this feature. Once a player slides the FOV to maximum it widens the point blank viewpoint of the player providing a great advantage. With a better viewpoint a player can plan his attack tactics and look out for incoming opponents and flank better either to safety or to kick the enemies ass.

Since the console players do not have this feature they lose time. They have to manually turn to see and inspect the area around them. And as we all know even a fraction of a second matters while dealing with an enemy, you may wind up dead quick if you lose it. There have been reports when the players have been taken down and they never saw it coming.

The PC players do have the hardware advantage too. The console gamers should get an option to increase their FOV at least so it is a fair battle as it is no fun if your opponent cannot offer a good fight. Overall some players prefer the default setting too as they are equipped with a farther vision in that case. But almost all games provide a sliding FOV option on the both the platforms for instance: Battlefield, Skyrim, Star Wars Battlefront. And they do it well. It is strange that Infinity ward did not make this addition

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Yuvam Gupta

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