Call Of Duty Warzone Map Guide: Which are Best Loot Spots ??

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When you plunge into the CoD: Warzone map, you’ll notice that Verdansk is, well, enormous. It effectively bolsters the player tally of 150, yet that likewise makes it hard to truly become acquainted with it. It’s a ton to take in from the outset, yet like any fight royale game, Verdansk has its hot zones and more quiet territories. 

However, realizing the guide is urgent in the event that you need to try and have a possibility of making it to the last trio, so I’ve arranged a manual for Warzone ‘s best plunder zones and assembled our best tips for exploring Verdansk. Right away, how about we get a few. 

Where’s the best loot?

Finding the best plunder in Call of Duty: Warzone is somewhat not the same as most fight royale games. Generally, you won’t discover a lot of plunder lying on the ground in structures. Nearly everything worth utilizing is found in supply boxes that let out irregular plunder the second you open them. Most structures you go over will have at any rate one inventory box and pretty much everyone is the equivalent. 

Warzone: Apparently, each case has an equivalent opportunity to drop regular to uncommon weapons, field updates, and even the infrequent killstreak. So when searching for the best places to plunder, it’s more amount than quality. The more stockpile boxes you appropriate, the more possibilities you’ll catch an uncommon weapon. As per Infinity Ward, the zones set apart with orange circles on the guide above have the most noteworthy plunder thickness on the guide. 

The Loot-filled regions are:

  • Verdansk International Airport
  • Karst River Quarry 
  • Verdansk Stadium
  • Gorengard Lumber Yard
  • Downtown Tavorsk District
  • Barakett Promenade East in warzone
  • City of Verdansk Port
  • Zordaya Prison Complex
  • Verdansk Hospital
  • BCH TV Station
  • Storage Town
  • Atlas Superstore
  • Verdansk Train Station

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