Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide- How to Grow Purple Tulips

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At the point when you start another island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll discover a grouping of blossoms of one sort on your precipices. As you play, you’ll have the option to purchase more bloom seeds and plant an assortment of blossom animal varieties to tidy up your island heaven. These blossoms will be red, yellow, or white, yet there are additionally a significant number of other half and half bloom hues you can get on the off chance that you figure out how to crossbreed and nursery the Animal Crossing way. 

These half and half blossoms incorporate dark, blue, purple, pink, and orange varieties of the blossoms you can plant ordinarily. Half and half blossoms aren’t simply pretty- – they can now and again pull in uncommon bugs you were unable to get in any case and can likewise be utilized as creating fixings, so it’s a smart thought to have at any rate a couple on your island. 

Talking about blossoms, Animal Crossing ‘s new Nature Day occasion is presently live. The Earth Day-enlivened occasion included a free update and runs from April 23 to May 4; you simply need to converse with Tom Nook, who will tell you about the exceptional Nook Miles + rewards you can get for eco-accommodating exercises. The update additionally presented Leif, the planting sloth, who will go to your island as a unique guest and sell uncommon seeds and the fresh out of the plastic new bushes. 

Flower Planting Tips

To maximize your chances of producing a new flower, have a go at planting your blossoms in a crosshatch design with the goal that the blossoms are contacting corner to corner however not straightforwardly one next to the other. This will leave enough room between blossoms for new ones to bring forth. In case you’re experiencing difficulty planting them in an example, take a stab at burrowing gaps where you need them to go and afterward planting the blossoms; your character will organize planting them in close by openings first before planting them on level ground. This should assist you with better control the dividing of your blossoms so you don’t need to uncover them and replant them. 

Hybrid Flower Combinations

Hybrid flowers generally follow standard color-mixing rules, but there are some strange exceptions; however, there are some odd exemptions, including hues that you can just get past a chain of bloom rearing. Peruse on for which blends of blossoms can create crossover blossoms; we’ll keep on refreshing this rundown as we affirm more hues and mixes.


  • Pink = Red + White, Red + Red
  • Orange = Red + Yellow
  • Black = Red + Red, Orange + Orange
  • Purple = Orange + Orange, Black + Black


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