Legends of Runeterra : Brand new Region, Bilgewater added and Whats new !!

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Latest Expansion for the Legends of Runeterra is finally out now. The Expansion Boasts of a New region, a massive 120 cards and much more added to the game. Out of these 120 cards, 60 cards belongs to the new region called Bilgewater. This big expansion is named Rising Tides by Riot games.

There are 6 new key phrases added to the Legends of Runeterra game where each word describes a unique ability. These 6 words as follows: –

  • Attune:  Refills one spell upon summon.
  • Scout:  Attacking with Scout units this turn will grant you  a second attack phase.
  • Vulnerable: Using this you can drag your enemies against their will into combat .
  • Plunder: every damage to the enemy Nexus triggers this ability.
  • Deep: These cards get +3/+3 if your deck has 15 or fewer cards left.
  • Toss: Destroy X non-champion cards from the bottom of your deck.

Along with these, there are 11 champions cards introduced to the  Legends of Runeterra game, five of which are for Bilgewater.

So let’s have a look at each one.

1. Fizz (Bilgewater) is a clumsy champion. Upon casting spells it gains elusive.The champion gains it irrespective of the no. of times the spell has been cased over him. Casting six spells will level him up, giving him an extra ability to summon a powerful shark unit and apply Vulnerable to an enemy.

2. Twisted Fate (Bilgewater) This champion gives various destiny cards upon being summoned and the best part it doesn’t cost a penny. However, this isnt the case when you level up this card, in fact you’ll be getting destiny cards an insanely higher price .

3.Nautilus (Bilgewater) This is the best card to make use of when are getting devoid of cards, specially if the no. falls below 15 copies any 4+ cost minions back into your deck when he levels up.

4.Gangplank (Bilgewater) summons Powder Kegs that increase spell damage but are destroyed each time you cast a spell, and when he levels up by damaging the Nexus five times, he starts dealing one damage to all enemies on each attack.

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