Marvel Champions: New Hero and Villian Packs coming – All Info Here

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If anyone is a movie watcher, it is not possible that he has not heard about the Marvel Franchise. From comic books to movies and now gaming, we find their mention everywhere and now introducing Marvel Champions.

One of the most popular games of the franchise is the Marvel Champions. The developer Fantasy Flight Games has done an amazing job with keeping the fans of the franchise happy. And now, they have an announcement to ensure that you do not leave your screens. The game allows you to jump into the Marvel universe and save the world from the annihilation of the enemies. You can play as Iron Man and Black Panther in their quest to stop Rhino from stopping Rhino from destroying NYC.

When 2019 closed with a bang

In 2019, they said that they would be releasing the expansion packs early to ensure that the year closed with a bang. But thereafter, they announced that the new expansion pack would be ready to blow the minds of the fans of the game.

They revealed that the game would get four new hero packs and story packs in the year 2020.

Speaking through Silhouettes

We all know that the Thor expansion pack released in March and fans were really happy. The game released the silhouettes and people are really excited about what is to come. This has made fans really anxious as they do not know and the developer has done a great job to create a mystery.

But let us look at the silhouettes and try to guess what the next expansion pack is bringing us. It is all set to release in April. So, the first image is of a female superhero whom we can has a long ponytail. Off the top of the head, we can think of a few people who fit that description. Superheroes like Elsa Bloodstone and Kate Pryde would fit the bill.

The second image we can be pretty certain about. We think that it is Iron Fist. But the third can be anyone’s guess. We can also see a description of the story but currently, there are no theories of what this will be.

Tell us your guesses in the comments below.

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