The Elder Scrolls vs The Witcher- Which is a better RPG?

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Skyrim and Witcher are one of the best RPG titles ever made. But people have been comparing the two of them ever since their release. This also brings us into the decisions, let us look at some of the things and decide which is the better RPG.


RPG games are all about conversations. It allows you to shape your character through his choices and words. Both of the games have this. But we have to say that Witcher has done a pretty good job at it. This is because it allows you to see your reaction of the player. In Skyrim, the player is allowed to see only one side of the conversation. In Witcher, you can your players react to the conversation.

Incorporation of Darkness

Both of the games have dark settings. The world gets dark and you dungeons and caves to fully incorporate the darkness. Both games have torches and dark spells. But, it can be seen that in Skyrim you do not need this. This does not create a feeling of darkness. In Witcher, the incorporation of darkness is done in a better manner. When you step into a dark environment in Witcher, you need a torch or a dark spell to see the world properly.

Impersonal Endings

An RPG is required to incorporate its decisions made by the player and culminate it into an ending. The Witcher does it in a beautiful manner. The game actually has different endings depending on the choices you made in the game. Skyrim also allows you to do the same. The choices will lead to a conclusion in the relationship. But these endings do not affect the ending of the game. But then also, both games have done a great job at it. We just hope that Skyrim led to some different endings.


Exploration is an important part of any RPG. But here Bethesda takes the cake. The game has a massive open world filled with dungeons and caves wherein different characters inhabit them. You get to interact with these NPCs and build your story.

So, which game do you prefer, let us know in the comments below.

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