Resident Evil 3 Remake Soundtrack Now Available On Spotify

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Spotify’s choice of videogame soundtracks as of late got an enormous imbuement of Japanese music on account of the Capcom Sound Team, which has dumped huge amounts of Capcom soundtracks, new and old, onto the spilling administration. Spotify’s a decent goal for game soundtracks in case you’re searching for something like Uncharted or Skyrim, however in case you’re searching for music from Zelda or Final Fantasy or most other enormous Japanese arrangement, you’re in a tough situation. Be that as it may, Capcom, evidently, is all on board the Spotify train.

The Capcom Sound Team Spotify page incorporates some ongoing works, as Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter 5. In any case, the energizing thing is the way profound this inventory goes: there’s huge amounts of Monster Hunter and Phoenix Wright, pretty much each and every Mega Man and Mega Man X soundtrack, Breath of Fire 1-3, Street Fighter 3: third Strike and Alpha 3… There are somebody offs like Okami, some remix collections, and extraordinary created collections like “Beast Hunter The Jazz.”


The majority of the collection names here are in Japanese, however on account of the collection craftsmanship they’re truly simple to sift through. As extraordinary as the determination is as of now, there are clearly a lot more Capcom games out there, so I trust this is a continuous procedure. Give me a portion of that chiptune Aladdin and Magical Quest, Capcom.


Tragically a portion of Capcom’s collections are locale bolted; in the US I was unable to discover Monster Hunter World or any Resident Evil soundtracks on Spotify, yet they are there. So is Dino Crisis, contingent upon you area. Attempt to play it and I get a “not accessible in your nation” notice. So in the event that you truly need to investigate Capcom’s full contribution, you’ll need to bounce onto a VPN and nation surf. Ideally there are no enormous authorizing issues keeping these collections from being accessible wherever in the long run.

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