PlatinumGames Reveals New Teaser Site With Number 4

The simplest answer seems to be that Platinum 4 is a new game in the studio. For a little while now, fans have been under the belief that PlatinumGames might be returning to the Wonderful 101 series, with recent hints and teases in the studio alluding to the Wii U franchise making its debut on the Switch.

One prevailing theory online is that this website that is new could have Major change within the company itself. New projects on the way, it is safe to state that PlatinumGames is enjoying the best run of its career.

The likelihood is that fans will have to wait to find out more concrete information about what PlatinumGames Something related to PlatinumGames’ recent entry that it would be considering self-publishing games.

The name of the website is perhaps more curious, but sporting the name Platinum Card 4.

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