Phoenix Point Launches December 3

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Snapshot Games have released a new trailer, and announced a new release date for Phoenix Point.

Phoenix Point launches December 3rd for Windows PC & Mac (through the Epic Games Store), Q1 2020 for Xbox One, and finally afterwards in 2020 for PlayStation 4.

Developed by Julian Gollop (X-COM), the game sees you fighting an alien menace invading Earth.

“Charismatic individualist Tobias West contributes New Jericho, A group dedicated to eradicating the alien threat and restoring the Earth. New Jericho asserts the world’s most innovative technology and has a huge arsenal of weapons the Phoenix Project can get — if they agree with the alliance. However, accepting New Jericho’s philosophy may mean rejecting a deeper comprehension of the alien threat.”


You can find the complete jog below:

Phoenix Point puts players in the middle of a struggle to return the Earth from a mutating, alien menace. Featuring turn-based tactical combat on resource management on a global scale, and maps, Phoenix Point presents replayability and a challenge that is brutal.

Following the, a global ecological disaster Pandoravirus appeared and started reshaping creatures, including people, into mutants. Not able to block the virus’ advancement, a lot of human culture was wiped out — just enclaves remain, separated by the landscape as well as their own fundamentals. An ancient failsafe against catastrophe, the Phoenix Project is the sole hope to unite humanity and take the planet .

Lead the Phoenix Project from Its base at Phoenix Point. Research and create new technologies and Techniques, strategy operations, build alliances to unite or Simply ruin your opponents. It’s up to you to save the planet and Rebuild culture, but there might be more to the threat than meets the eye.

Mutating Alien Menace: Face down an Alien threat that offers no and adapts to your tactics Respite as your team becomes more powerful and technologically advanced.

Discover the Secrets of this Pandoravirus: Phoenix Point Features a narrative, with multiple endings that the participant can Find via multiple playthroughs. Discover a history You learn about the roots of the mutants, the Pandoravirus Phoenix Point itself through research, diplomacy, and exploration.

Handle Diplomatic Relations: The Phoenix Project is not the only company Attempting to recover the Earth. The mystical, the New Jericho The technophiles of Synedrion all offer, and disciples of Anu unique Benefits for opposition for co-operation and threats. It’s up to you to Decide how to bargain with them.

Take Aim on the Battlefield: Along with equipping and commanding units, Phoenix Point enables you to take control of your soldier’s shots in battle, Using a system that is unique. Target enemy weakspots, weapons, or Valuables, or simply go for center mass.

Next-Gen Tech with Timeless Pedigree: Julian Gollop, the designed Phoenix Point Creator from the 1990s of this X-COM series. Keeping the ethos of X-COM while updating technology the visuals, and systems to contemporary Phoenix Point best-in-class has been made by standards.

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