Shapeshifting Puzzle Game Lost Ember Launches November 22

Mooneye Studios has announced a release date for their shapeshifting puzzle game, Lost Ember.

The sport will be launching for Windows PC (via Steam and GOG), PS4, and Xbox One on November 22nd. A Change version will be coming sometime soon afterwards.

In Lost Ember, You play to transform into other creatures. Once the world has been reclaimed by the wilderness the match is set after the collapse of humankind. Use your abilities to travel across the land, sea, and air to unravel the fate of the mysterious humanity.

Here’s a rundown of this game:

Lost Ember is a story driven 3rd person exploration Experience for consoles and PC. With a wolf as the main character and a companion onto your side, you may unveil a story of grief devotion and betrayal that led to the collapse of a whole world.

On Your trip you are guided by a companion that witnessed the autumn of the world and used to be part of this Inrahsi civilization. He had been seeking and found you. You may find out he now needs your help, and what happened to the older world, what he must do with it.

Your ability to own every animal In the world allows you to explore the world in a great deal of different Perspectives to locate places and secrets that played a part in the Fall of this Inrahsi and hold memories that are important.

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