Bungie Previews Destiny 2 Next Big Update

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Super changes affect Titan’s Striker (the Code of the Juggernaut route ) and Warlock’s Dawnblade (the Attunement of Flame path).

It called One Eyed Mask in particular out, An outlier, particularly in PvP,” Bungie explained.

We ‘ve tightened the curve a bit and divide it out over PvE and PvP.

This ought to allow Guardians to keep dunking on combatants for longer while being less oppressive against one another.

Finally, regeneration will no longer proc on melee kills while at Super.

The mix was just too powerful and overly forgiving of strategic or positional mistakes”

Next update.

Additionally, the Armor of timer provided by Titans’ Anything further.

with the update, you’ll be able to pile up to 999 of these.

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