Monster Hunter: World Monster List — Where To Find Them And How To Beat Them

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Everything you need to know to hunt even Monster Hunter: World’s strongest prey

Monster Hunter: World, you might have gathered, is a game about searching creatures. A dozen giant creatures, to be exact, all which have attack patterns and special personalities. They are prey searching that is well worth, and we’ve assembled a roundup of where to find these beasts, what to bring into the struggle, and some hints for fighting them, to help you with your way. Obviously, if decipher them for yourself and you want to come across these creatures, turn back to avoid spoilers.

Great Jagras

Places: Ancient Forest
Elements: none
Ailments: none
Weak to: fire, thunder, ice
Weak points: head and belly
Break points: mind, belly, front legs
Bring: nothing particular

Great Jagras is the big monster you will search from the Earth that is new, and he is really more of a practice dummy. Roll strikes and his charge have tells that is huge and he doesn’t hit very hard, so long as you and your feet are not playing, you will do fine. By hitting his stomach when he is engorged you can accelerate up the fight. You will deal heavy damage, and you’ll force him to vomit his meal, leaving him vulnerable to yet more damage, if you hit him hard enough.


Places: Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Elements: not one
Ailments: can insta-stun with some attacks
Terrible to: all elements, especially water
Weak points: head
Break points: mind and forelimbs
Bring: slinger ammo like stones or redpits

Kulu-Ya-Ku is one of World’s goofiest creatures. His habit of digging up boulders to use as shields and projectiles is endearing, but it may also be annoying since you’re strikes will bounce off the boulder while he is holding it. Bring some slinger ammo like redpits or rocks to take that boulder.


Areas: Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Components: none
Ailments: toxin
Terrible to: thunder, fire, ice
Weak points: head, tail and wings
Break points: mind, wings, tail and body
Bring: antidotes or herbal medicines, slinger ammo like stones or redpits

Pukei-Pukei is. He spits globs of poison all around the area, particularly when he is enraged. You may avoid these or to his side, which lets you hit his wings and tail. If you’re a person that is hammer or just want to hit on the mind, be mindful of his charging tongue attack as well. Has an unusual habit of foraging for food in the center of a struggle. Save a bit of slinger ammo. You can take at him in the face to stun him.


Areas: Wildspire Waste
Elements: not one
Ailments: waterblight
Bad to: fire, water (when covered in sand ), ice
Weak points: forearms, tail, legs
Split points: mind, forearms, legs, tail
Bring: nullberries

Barroth is a big behemoth that enjoys to control and sling mud everywhere. Focus on stripping his subway armor first, since it will nullify his mud slinging attack and turn it into a massive opening. In the event you become caught in a sand heap, try to jump out of it before you get run over. If you get struck with waterblight, scarf down a nullberry , otherwise your stamina will be sapped. Little weapons like the sword and shield and double blades are great for hitting arms. If you use a larger weapon such as the longsword, then you’ll have a simpler time hitting his legs and tail, as you risk bouncing off his head when going to the arms. Barroth is very weak to paralysis, and paralyzing him can make a big opening to sever his tail or clean his mud armor. In addition, he roars a whole lot, so the armor ability Earplugs is nice to have.


Areas: Wildspire Waste
Elements: water
Ailments: waterblight
Bad to: thunder, water (when covered in sand )
Weak points: mind, tail tip
Break points: head, back, legs, tail suggestion
Bring: nullberries, waterproof mantle, immunity mantle

Jyuratodus can be frustrating for two reasons. You need to fight him. The waterproof mantle solves that issue briefly, but the armor ability Aquatic Expert will clear that up entirely and offer a wonderful evasion bonus. Secondly, Jyuratodus loves to bill randomly, and also his charge attack has a tell but a massive hitbox. Roll away from him, Should you see him back back or you get caught up in it. Luckily he is exceptionally weak to stun, making hammer a fantastic choice here.

Tobi Kadachi

Places: Historical Forest
Components: thunder
Ailments: thunderblight
Terrible to: water, flame, ice
Weak points: head, tail
Break points: head, legs, body, tail
Bring: nullberries, thunderproof mantle, resistance mantle

Tobi Kadachi’s tail is a massive threat, but it is also a massive weak place if you can get after it. Be cautious of his thunder attacks. If you get hit too many, you’ll contract thunderblight, making you easy to stun. Take a nullberry. If he does his tail front-flip, he’ll stand set up for a moment afterward, and it is a good time. When he jumps on trees to prepare for his diving tail strike, you are able to hit his tail to knock him off and stun him for a fantastic while.


Places: Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Elements: fire
Ailments: fireblight
Bad to: water, thunder, ice
Weak points: head, tail, spines (when enraged)
Break points: head, legs, tail
Bring: nothing special

Anjanath is tall, so brief weapons such as the double blades will have difficulty hitting his head or tail, which can be his finest hit zones. If you can’t quite reach those, concentrate on his thighs to trip himthen lay to his head and tail. Try to strike his head just as much as you can. Once you deal enough damage to his head, he’ll recoil and create an opening for more harm. And if you his head hard enough while he is enraged, you are able to knock him from his enraged state and stun him for several seconds. If you get hit with fireblight, quickly roll a few times to put the flames out.


Areas: Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste
Components: flame
Ailments: toxin
Weak to: dragon, thunder
Weak points: head, wings, tail
Break points: head, wings, back, tail
Bring: Display pods, flashbugs, antidotes or herbal medications

Rathian is referred to as the queen of the property, but she’s quite fond of flying also. Bring plenty of flash pods knock her from the skies, as well as flashbugs to craft out more pods in the field. Sever her tail to limit the range of its toxic swipes, and if she goes to get a tail flip, possess a flash pod ready. When she starts her fireball attack, swing around her and hit her out of the side. Rathian is very weak to stun, and her attacks pose several openings to hit her head, therefore hammer users should have no problem knocking her into next week.


Areas: Coral Highlands
Elements: not one
Ailments: can insta-stun together with his flash attack
Terrible to: thunder, ice
Weak points: head
Break points: head
Attract: nothing particular

Tzitzi-Ya-Ku behaves similarly to Kulu-Ya-Ku, with the main difference being his flash attack. This has huge selection and will stun you when you’re caught inside, though you may block it with any shield. You can also disable this assault by breaking his mind. This has the extra bonus of turning flash assault into a massive damage window.


Spots: Coral Highlands
Elements: none
Ailments: not one
Bad to: fire, thunder
Weak points: head, neck (when inflated)
Break points: head, legs, tail
Bring: Display pods

Paolumu is so cute it almost hurts to search him, but his throat is such a massive weak place that it’s difficult to resist hitting it. Whale on him if he inflates his neck, and when he takes to the air, bring him down with a flash pod. This little guy is also incredibly feeble to burst harm, so by all means blow him up.

Great Girros

Areas: Rotten Vale
Components: none
Ailments: paralysis
Bad to: water, fire, ice
Weak points: head, front legs, tail
Break points: head, front legs, tail
Bring: thunderproof mantle, resistance mantle

Great Girros will summon hordes of girros to sip your heels during the struggle and is a pack hunter. It is worth fast clearing them out to reduce paralysis build-up, which is Great Girros’ main threat. Strikes and his fangs deal hefty paralysis harm, and if you become paralyzed in the center of a group of girros, you are liable to get carted back into camp. Great Girros has health and goes. He is also feeble to sleep, if you’re up for a few sleep bombing.


Areas: Rotten Vale
Components: not one
Ailments: not one
Weak to: dragon, ice
Weak points: mind, legs
Break points: head, tail, bone armor (all over)
Bring: nothing particular

The massive body of radobaan makes to piercing rounds from weapons him helpless, along with his attacks are easily blocked by shields. You can strike him through his attacks to make him crash, developing a big opening for damage — burst weapons are great for this — As soon as you break some of his bone armor. Use the downtime to sharpen or reload your own weapon, when he digs to renew his bone armor.


Spots: Coral Highlands
Elements: ice
Ailments: iceblight
Terrible to: thunder, fire
Weak points: head, wings, tail
Split points: head, wings, tail
Bring: flash pods, flashbugs, nullberries, glider mantle

She can also be among the most annoying, although legiana is handily one of the most pretty monsters in World. The iceblight from her frosty attacks will sap your stamina, so bring it to be cured by nullberries. She also loves to fly have flash pods ready to ground her. Weapons are a fantastic fit for her because damaging her mid-flight can knock her out of the sky and stun her for a few seconds. So you can use the shortcut to your own nest bring your glider mantle. Start looking on the lower, sandy degree of this Coral Highlands near her nest for it , just off the cliffside.


Areas: Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale
Elements: not one
Ailments: bleeding
Terrible to: ice, thunder
Weak points: mind, claws, tail
Break points: mind, claws, legs, tail
Bring: Astera jerky

Odogaron is the only monster in the game which thank goodness for that, because it is a status ailment, and causes bleeding. You’ll take significant damage and the only natural way to cure by crouching for several seconds, it is –which Odogaron is not likely to let you do bring a few Astera jerky to patch yourself up. Be mindful of his strike : sometimes when you’excursion’ him, he will really counter using a bite. He’s very weak to migraines.


Places: Ancient Forest
Elements: flame
Ailments: fireblight, poison
Terrible to: dragon, thunder
Weak points: head, wings, tail
Split points: head, wings, tail
Bring: flash pods, flashbugs, antidotes or herbal medications

Rathalos flies all the time, which means you are going to want to flash him all of the time. Go for his thighs when he is on the floor as he’s quite easy to trippummel his head. View his stomp attack since his claws are poisonous. You are going to be fighting him at the Ancient Forest, and he always awakens in his nest near the top of the big tree, so take advantage of the ecological trap located nearby: lure Rathalos to breaking the dam close to his nest and he will get caught up in the subsequent flood. He will go tumbling over the border and take a chunk of harm he will be vulnerable for many moments.


Spots: Wildspire Waste
Elements: none
Ailments: none
Weak to: Pot, water
Weak points: mind, stomach, wings
Break points: horns, wings, tail
Bring: screamer pods, flash pods

Two things are loved by diablos: charging and burrowing. Though this will only work when he is not enraged, you can harness his burrow attack by hammering him with a screamer pod. He will be stunned and stuck in the floor for a couple of seconds, giving you easy access to his elbows and belly. And when he frees himself, you can flash him out of the skies for one more easy stun. As his charging, I urge a weapon with a defense for. You can avoid the attacks rather readily, but blocking them head-on can set you to hit on his belly. Otherwise stay underneath him as best possible.


Spots: Coral Highlands
Components: thunder
Ailments: thunderblight
Weak to: fire, water, ice
Weak points: mind
Break points: horn
Bring: thunderproof mantle, immunity mantle

Kirin is an elder dragon, but he appears and fights like a unicorn. The problem is his arsenal of thunder AoE attacks, although he loves charging almost up to Diablos. However, once you understand where his lightning bolts are going to hit, you can use the wind-up on those attacks to become in his mind, which is his only adequate strike zone. Breaking his horn should be your number-one priority, since it will negate his lightning attacks. Nevertheless, his horn is durable as he is, so dig your heels in.


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